Your Clients are Tired of Your Low-Quality Covers

If you know Alucast, you know our biggest priority is making better well protection.

When we started Alucast – our goal was clear: make quality protection that actually works, and is easy for consultants to actually come back and access. So knowing this, one of the main features of our covers was using quality materials that actually prevent your wells from contamination and are easy for consultants to come back and sample.

Consultants are your customers – so you should be doing absolutely everything possible to keep them happy. Engineering firms are continuously telling us how much they love using Alucast covers, and how easy they are to come back and sample.

So… why are you still using rusty, contaminated covers with bolts that are practically falling off?

Consultants Can’t Remove The Bolts

One thing people forget – consultants aren’t drillers. They often aren’t blue collar workers, and they don’t want to spend time in the freezing cold, grinding with a wrench to try and get a cover open. 


Alucast covers are engineered with this in mind – using larger bolt sizes that make a consultant’s life easier when it’s time to sample a well. 


Alucast offers a sealing washer with rubber insert. The seal created with with the rubber ensures no surface contamination will penetrate the well. Our covers also feature larger bolts, which goes a long way for returning drillers or site engineers trying to get a cover off in -20 degree windy weather. 


Trust us – your customers will thank you. 



Sealing Issues

Rain, as we all know, is life-giving and necessary but for consultants managing monitoring wells , something as innocent as rain finding its way into the smallest openings can cause serious problems.

Good protection will mitigate consequence. Issues with a poor seal: surface contamination will enter the well, this will change the water levels and groundwater quality data (in other words, the surface water can enter the well and the consultant will assume his or her sample is accurate for the sample they have taken from their well below ground. 


There are many surface contaminants, such as oils, fuels that can slip through a bad seal and into the well. If this does occur it usually will result in the loss of that specific monitoring well

Rusted Covers Look Like Shit 

And finally, in less technical terms.. Rusted covers look absolutely terrible.

Look, your drillers work hard and do a quality job. Why would you protect that with a cheap, steel well cover that’s going to be rusted and falling apart when consultants visit it 4 months down the line?


That’s like buying an $80,000 souped up Toyota Tundra and spending $50 a month on the cheapest insurance plan you can find.

Protect your investment, it’s depressing seeing all these great drillers put their blood and sweat into their work, only to have the sites become contaminated because management wanted to save a few bucks a month on well protection.


Look, we know we talk about well protection a lot. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really matter, until it becomes a problem, and then it REALLY matters.

But if you could keep your clients happy, and improve the quality of the materials you’re using everyday,  AND protect the hard work of your employees, why wouldn’t you kill three birds with one stone?


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