We Put A Better Twist On Our Bolts

Easy access to your well saves time, money and frustration

 Once the drillers are done, testing the wells should be simple, right? Just pop open the cover, drop down some tubing and sample the water that comes up. But it’s not so simple if you have a fight on your hands because the cover is so poorly designed you can’t get access to the bolts. Or, if, when you finally manage get to the bolts, they’re so badly stripped or cross-threaded that they’re nearly impossible to remove. Nothing easy about that.

Basically, Alucast bolts are better. Better designed and better made, of stainless steel, which means that along with the other components of our covers, they won’t rust or spark. Nothing worse than a rusty bolt. Not only are our bolts bigger and better, we’ve also added extra space around them for far easier access. You’ll have all the room you need to easily fit in a wrench or socket set—and get the better of those bolts.

Plus, for customers who choose custom covers, you can determine exactly where you want those bolts to go. Want to know more? Click here https://alucastworld.com/alucast-manhole-cover-vs-industry-standard-cover/to find out why—beyond plainly better bolts—Alucast covers have you…well…covered.

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