Stop Drinking the Hatorade

Stop Drinking the Hatorade #EvolveTheIndustry

Picture this – it’s 7pm, you and your crew just wrapped things up on a job site and begin driving home. The sun is setting and thick snow is starting to fall. An ice cold beer and the weekend awaits you at home, life is good. 

As you get on the highway, you start to notice a large truck pulled over on the side of the highway with its warning lights flashing. You start to make out what appears to be a drill rig.

“Weird” you think to yourself, as you didn’t think there were any other rigs around, at least not with your crew.

Suddenly it hits you: it’s your biggest competitor’s drill rig. The one that’s been stealing clients and taking money from your bottom line.

They’ve obviously got a flat or a mechanical issue of some part. So that begs the question; do you pull over to help them? Or do you keep on driving towards that well deserved cold beer and dinner?

While we are willing to bet 99% of drillers would pull over to lend a hand, we also believe that as whole, our industry needs to set aside some of our competitive relationships and work together to #EvolveTheIndustry


We’re All Trying to Live the #DrillerLife

At the end of the day- we’re all on the same team. We all know about the early morning hustle, the long drives, and the time spent away from our family, friends, and our own beds. 

We think that in order to evolve the industry, we need to be a bit more empathetic towards other drillers’ problems and issues. 

Somebody in your state needs to borrow an auger? Help them out. Maybe someone is in desperate need of a helper? Consider sending them one of yours. 


It’s the Same for Suppliers and Other Manufacturers 

Yep – it’s not just drillers. We as suppliers need to become better and develop healthier relationships with other distributors. Although we’re all naturally competitive, we want to continue to cultivate synchronous relationships that will improve the lives of drillers – manufacturing drills and technology that is safer, easier, and overall more cost effective for drillers across the world. 

That’s why at Alucast, we are open to working more closely with drillers and drill manufacturers to continuously improve our product to benefit drillers working on the front lines. 

Does your back hurt from carrying casings out to a site? Ok good, we’ll start making ours even lighter. 

It’s ways like this we can work together to make life a bit easier for everyone.


To Wrap Things Up

At the end of the day, we’re in it together and we’re pretty much all on the same team living the Driller Life. We want to grow the industry and make it easier to attract new workers. 

Thanks for taking the time to read! 

A Happy New Years to all and stop drinking the haterade! 

As always, thanks for reading and here’s where you can stay up to date for everything related to Alucast!

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