Rust Never Sleeps

It’s so degrading

The truth is – steel covers begin to rust the minute they hit the ground—and get worse as time goes by. Rust breeds more rust. Not only does a rusty cover create the perception of poor testing and sub-standard work, it also costs more time and money when drilling companies need to return to the site, pull out the rusty cover and replace it.

Even more alarming, rusted covers can be dangerous. Rust weakens metal by reducing its mass, which means a rusted cover may no longer be road worthy and lack its original certified weight-bearing capacity. At the very least, replacements mean more time and money. At the very worst, there’s always the risk that a weakened cover can cause a serious accident—and whomever installed that cover is going to be liable.

Aluminum covers on the outside continue to represent quality work inside. They save time and money, extend cover lifespan, and possibly save lives. So don’t let rust degrade your cover. Or your good reputation.

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