So You Think You Can Drill

So You Think You Can Drill?

You’re pulling levers, staying safe and your client is happy. That’s all you’re aiming for, right? Could you be more efficient? Run into less trouble down the hole? Your competitors may not be better drillers, but they might be better at mixing mud and polymers, which ultimately makes them more skillful(and profitable).

You add some of that white powder when you run into that sticky clay or you’re mixing the bentonite heavy when needed. Do you know exactly what you’re mixing and why? Were you taught this by the driller who trained you? 

alucast geotechnical drilling

Many of us don’t really know what we’re mixing but we figure it’s working most of the time. But to be a great driller, you need a few tricks in your back pocket. One of those tricks is knowing what polymer and mud to use to keep you out of trouble.

As a driller, you’re always looking for that edge, for something that keeps you on your game and respected as the top driller amongst your peers. You may have the best drill in the industry, install the top of the line products… but….

… if you cannot construct a functional well within the requested time frame,  YOU’RE NOT A GOOD DRILLER. 

On the Bright Side, You Can Improve Your Skills for Free

Contact your local Drilling Product Distributor and ask if they are distributors of Baroid products. If they are, mention to them that you would like to attend the annual Mud School in Houston,Texas. There are limited places available and if for some reason you cannot attend, look up the local Baroid IDP representative in your area and have him do a site visit. Feel free to ask them for a demo on how to mix certain muds, what other options are available, and how to use the different polymers available. It’s free and the information you learn will be key to your growth in the drilling industry.

For more than 50 years Baroid IDP has offered drilling fluid training to many drillers and distributors worldwide. 

What do you learn in a workshop? How will this help me be a better driller?

Drilling disciplines covered 

Water Well – Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties; emphasis on drilling, completion and development practices. 

Minerals Exploration – Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties with emphasis on wireline coring and air drilling techniques. 

HDD – Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties in the horizontal directional drilling industry with an introduction to the Drilling Square. 

Geothermal – Fundamentals of drilling fluid and grout design and use for ground source heat pump market; strong focus on new and innovative grout technologies. This includes:

  • Mud Balance Demonstration 
  • Sand Content Test 
  • Hole in Sand Demonstration 
  • Full Area Filter Press Demonstration 
  • Marsh Funnel Viscosity Test Demonstration
  • Demonstration of Fann’s Half Area Filter Press 
  • Hardness and PH Test Demonstration 
  • Fann Instrument Company Model 280 Rheometer Demonstration 
  • Polymer Overview 

At the end of the day, one of the goals of Alucast is to help drive our industry forward, and make drilling a better career for everyone.

If you can improve your knowledge, you can likely improve your career and ultimately the amount of money you make on the job.

Progress yourself and progress the industry.

In the meantime, their youtube also has some terrific educational resources.

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