How Do You Stand Out In The Drilling Industry?

Why do your company trucks and your drills have your logo on them?

While you’re drilling,  your clients and general public know it’s you by your company representation, but what happens when you’re gone? 

How will they know who your company is? It’s a small industry where everybody knows everybody – but how do you reach new clients who have never heard of your drilling company before?

You look at any marketing blog or instagram page – everything is brand, brand, brand. 

Sure that makes a lot of sense when you’re McDonalds, and everyone in the world recognizes the golden arches.

Behind the McDonald's redesign: from the Speedee typeface to the Archery logo system

But what about when you’re a small drilling company? Why does using the same font or colours on an instagram post even matter? Surely nobodys really paying attention.

Well that’s where you’re wrong – it does matter.

Research shows it takes 7 touch points (somebody seeing your company name or logo, whatever) for somebody to remember a brand. Given the oversaturation of marketing and advertising in today’s world – this becomes more and more important.


Stand Out From the Crowd 

And think about this – odds are, your biggest drilling competitor doesn’t have their branding on point. Here’s an easy way to get a step up on your competition.

Pretty soon, they’ll be looking at your flush mount covers and will start asking where they can get the same thing.

5 Essential Traits of Iconic Logos - Looka


First Off – What do we Mean by Customized Branding?

 Look – your drillers work hard on site. They do a good job, so why not leave your mark on every borehole you drill?

We offer the full customization for your products. Want your logo on a manhole cover? No problem.

Want your monument casings to be red? Blue? Purple? Arctic camo?

We’ll do it.

Here are a few examples:  

Why Branding Matters?

Why does this even matter?

There’s a reason we don’t sell our products to drillers who don’t give a shit. We sell our well protection products to the driller’s that show up and get the job done.

Gain an edge on your competitor by using a superior cover that has your own logo and colours on it. 

It’s no t just your competitors who will see your logo either – the consultants who come back to the site a year later also get eyes on it. These are the real people you want seeing your quality drilling work.

Doesn’t hurt to have the general public seeing your logo and colours every day either


REP YOUR SITE & Leave Your Mark on Every Borehole you Drill

A drillers quality work deserves a quality cover

And now that quality cover can feature your logo and branding.



Want a free estimate or mock up with your logo? Send us a DM on social media or email andrew@alucastworld.com 

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