How Alucast Covers Benefit Your Drillers & Your Pockets

Why Alucast Covers Benefit Your Drillers & Your Pockets

We spend alot of time talking about the features of Alucast covers that differentiate us from the standard covers you see in the industry.

Is 10 lbs light for an 8” cover?

Absolutely, especially when you consider that a comparable steel cover is anywhere from 15 to 20 lbs.

But how does that benefit you?

How does it help out your company and save your company money in the long run? Let’s go over real ways that using a superior well protection product will benefit your business. 


The Covers Don’t Rust

Alright – this might be the most important reason.

Rust reduces a products lifespan, so after alot of rusting, your cover is going to 

  1. Fall apart and not be able to support a large amount of weight
  2. Risk your site getting contaminated with surface runoff and potentially further damaging the pipe. If left unfixed, your well  can potentially fill with dirt or even contaminants.

Why would you come to a $5,000 job only to have to come back and re-do it a year later because your well cover is rusty?

Not only that, but a rusty cover is difficult to remove, and causes the cover to stick to the manhole frame. There is nothing environmental engineers hate more than not being able to remove a cover when they’re on a job site. 

Big projects mean big money, a durable cover enables a consultant to have confidence in the longevity of their sites.

Building a good relationship with environmental engineering firms is a massive financial opportunity for any drilling company – so make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep the techs happy. 

Which leads us into the next main benefit….


Consultants Love Them 

At the end of the day, environmental consultants are your clients, and what makes you money and keeps your company running.

So why not consider them when making your procurement decisions?

If you use rusty manhole covers, and the other biggest driller in town uses Alucast products, what’s to prevent them from just going to your competitor?

Environmental consulting companies don’t want to send their technicians down to try and extract samples from rusty covers in the middle of winter – these aren’t experienced drillers who can have years of experience with these things. 


Free Branding on Your Covers 

We’ve said this before – but it’s true.

Let’s use Walker Drilling for an example. They’re an established drilling company in Ontario, and when you say “Walker Drilling” most people think of their red and white logo. 

We connect Walker Drilling and their logo and branding with the quality drilling jobs that they do throughout the province.

So what did we do? We built them red above ground casings with their logo on the top. So whenever an environmental technician visits a site and sees that red stick up casing – they instantly know they’re going to a site that walker drilled, which means they know they’re going to a site that was done properly. 

We offer free custom branding and colours on all of our well protection products. 

Do you want black covers with your logo on them? Orange stick-up casings so everyone recognizes that your company was here?

Alucast MGS Covers

Alucast MGS Covers

Rep Your Site – and start building some brand awareness and name recognition with the environmental technicians who keep your lights on. 


Light Covers – Save Your Workers

Work smarter – not harder.

If your crew is making your helper lug 5-10 covers to a site in the woods, wouldn’t they rather carry a cover that’s half the weight?

Sure, one cover doesn’t weigh much, but when you have to carry multiple loads out to get a difficult to access site – you’re driller will thank you.

Think of the long term back health of your workers. You buy ergonomically friendly chairs for everyone in your office, why wouldn’t you want an ergonomically friendly product for your drillers in the field as well?


Keep Your Sites Uncontaminated 

Maybe the most important of all benefits – Alucast covers do their original and main job better than a steel cover will.

And that’s because a steel cover will rust – and allow your site to become contaminated.

This all connects a rusty product and keeps your consultants happy. How do you think they’ll feel about sampling a site a year after they paid you to dig, only to find the site compromised because of the cheap well cover you installed?

The main purpose of a manhole cover is to keep the site contamination free, so why go with a cover that’s going to rust and allow contaminants to enter?

The value of going with a cheaper cover just isn’t worth the minimal savings in the short run. 


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