Do Your Clients Care About Well Protection?

We know, we know – you’ve heard this one before. Does anyone actually care about well protection? Do drillers care about the work they leave behind after a hard day of drilling?

The answer depends on who you ask – of course there are drillers out there who believe in the hard work they do every day. Showing up, doing the job right with a full-on professional mindset.  And of course, we also have drillers in our industry who don’t really care as much. Maybe they don’t put in the extra effort to make sure everything is perfect, but that’s the same as any industry. Does that make them a bad driller? Not necessarily.

But the truth is – that marginal difference is what separates the great drillers from the average drillers. This is also what separates the drillers who are continuously in demand from environmental consultants from the ones who scrape by on a few jobs per month.

We’re not shy about the fact that our products are engineered and made for the former of the two, as we build a product that consultants are happy to see when they visit a site.  So why does this matter to drilling companies?


Good Installations vs Bad Installations

Protect your investment. We spend hours, day or even weeks installing these monitoring wells, often to only be accessed one or twice a year. Give your client the comfort of knowing when they return to sample, the well will be “well protected” – Nick Bishop, Groundwater Protection, Florida

If you’ve followed any Alucast social media platforms over the past few years, you know we’ve been banging this drum for a while now. Great drillers take pride in everything they do, yet they often have to protect their work with a low quality steel cover that will rust, have surface contamination leak past the seal and fall apart.

Not all holes are drilled equally. There are good drillers and there are bad drillers, unfortunately it’s just a fact in our industry. While there isn’t really anything we can do to change this, it definitely pains us seeing great drillers laying these beautiful pads only to be protecting them with crappy rusty covers.

Pro-Drill, a very reputable drilling company in New Zealand, says it best:



Consultants Thoughts on Well Protection

A drillers quality work deserves a quality cover. If your crew is out on a job site for days drilling a deep well, why would you send them there with  a cover or monument casing that’s going to rust and deteriorate within months? Does a client really want to have to worry about opening a monument casing that’s busted with a wasps nest inside?

At the end of the day – when a consultant visits a job site they want to see an Alucast cover on site. If that makes the difference between a consultant wanting to work with you, or a different drilling company that uses Alucast, what are you waiting for?


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – stop sending your drillers to work without the necessary tools they need to finish the job right. Alucast products properly protect your hard work while mitigating consequences of poor well protection.  At the end of the day, it matters to the consultants and environmental engineers. If that’s all it takes to make their lives a little easier at the end of the day, the little task of switching to Alucast well protection products can make a pretty big difference.

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