An Online Community for Drillers

There are online communities for pretty much every group or hobby you can think of nowadays: subreddits, facebook groups, instagram accounts to follow. If you’re interested or passionate about something – there is likely others around the world share that same passion.

The same thing is true for geotechnical drillers. There are plenty of meme accounts, blog posts (like ours) to read, there’s even a Geotech subreddit. 

One of our favourite places though is the Geotechnical Environmental Drilling Facebook Group. The group currently features over 2.5 thousand members and about 5 – 10 posts every day.

More importantly – it’s a bigger online community. Drilling is tough work and long hours, so it’s great to be able to share the site your working on and see others putting in the work as well.

Here are a few of the great things about the Facebook Group and why so many people are active on it.


A Place to Ask and Answer Questions From Drillers

Why do I keep slipping Core?  Great question – ask the group. Drillers post questions every day and they are answered almost immediately by drillers all over the world.

This post asking for help had 58 replies to it in 1 day Tell us where you can find a community like this if you paid for it.


Check out Where Other People Are Drilling

One of the cool parts about the Geotechnical Drillers Facebook Group is that it consists of members from all over the world. You’ll see pictures of someone drilling in a basement site in London, to someone drilling in the Ozarks of Missouri.


Check out Rigs for Sale/Rent

Talk Dirt to Me only comes out once a month… so where can you find rigs for sale in the meantime?

There is usually a rig for sale posted every week, or people inquiring about where they can rent one. Get the info straight from the source.


Drilling Memes

We admit it – other than the memes we make ourselves,  alot of them we get from this group. Plus there’s new meme content posted almost every day.


At the end of the day, there is a great sense of comradery and community that comes from having a place to interact every day with other drillers around the world.

If you’re a driller, we highly recommend joining. The only rules are just being “semi-respectful” ,keep the advertising related stuff to the first few days of the month and fill out the ridiculously short questionnaire (keeps the fake accounts and bots away)

Here is the link to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/395066454388761/

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