Alucast Monument Casing vs Steel Monument Casing

Throughout the history of time – there have been many great battles and rivalries.

  • Good vs Evil
  • Ali vs Foreman
  • 1980 US Mens Hockey Team vs the Soviet Union 
  • Manning vs Brady

….and the Alucast Aluminum Monument Casing vs the comparable Steel Monument Casing that we see a lot in the industry.  

Before we dive into what separates an Alucast Monument Casing and a comparable Steel Monument Casing, let’s review what the product is used for. 

Monument Casings (or above ground protective casings) installed by drillers to protect the monitoring well casing that extends above ground. This protective casing is installed not only to protect but as a signpost to make the well easy to find. If manhole covers were installed in fields or a forest, the consultants would have a tough time locating the wells for sampling.

In Canada, they are usually blue or red and made out of steel. This is an issue for two reasons: 

    1. Being made of steel, these casings can be upwards of 50 lbs. This sucks if you’re a driller who needs to carry 4 or 5 out to a job site. It also doesn’t look great when these steel casings begin to rust immediately after installation. 
    2. They are blue, which can be a pretty big eye sore if it’s placed in a forest or a recreational soccer field. (in all fairness, sometimes they need to be painted blue or red so they can be found in lush areas.)

Above is an example of an old rusty, steel monument casing installed in Ontario. The drillers actually did a good job of laying a decent pad. However this casing has begun to rust already, which essentially wastes the drillers hard work by allowing the site to become contaminated. When a casing becomes rusty, it often deteriorates, and starts to crumble. This can allow your well to become contaminated. 

That’s where Alucast Stick Up Casings come into play. Our casings don’t rust, so when your drillers lay a solid pad, they don’t have to worry about coming back to a rusty well. 

So what separates an Alucast Monument Casing from the rusty, steel casings we see all too often?


1.The Weight Difference 

Alucast monument casings are made out of aluminum, and weigh only 6 lbs!

As drillers, you are lifting more than you really need to on  a daily basis (bentonite, sand, rods..) There is no need to carry sharp edge steel casings and risk losing your fingers to that finger chopping lid.

Bring the Alucast monument casings and you can usually carry all of them in one trip, maximum two. The dull and flat edges ensure that no one onsite will cut themselves and will leave the site will all their fingers(including our friends in the white hats

Unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger or JJ Watt, you might have a hard time carrying 5 steel monument casings with you on that walk. 


2. Slanted Edges and Heavy Duty Non-Tack Welding 

After we created a product that was a quarter of the weight as it’s competitor – we didn’t stop there. We wanted to keep going on the idea of making a better product that was more reliable and easier to use for drillers. 

  • Slanted Edges on cover -This allows for better access to the well. The consultant will have an easier time removing the cap to monitoring well. This also prevents 
  • Heavy Duty non-tack welded hinge –  how many times have you walked by a drill site 2-3 years later and the above ground casing is missing a lid? We decided to install a heavy duty hinge with stainless steel nuts and bolts. Our heavy duty hinge ensures it will open and close correctly no matter the years in the field or the weather it has endured.



3. Lock Protector 

Coming from Canada we know how quickly snow and ice will cause issues. If you’re a consultant, you don’t want to battle an icy lock along with the cold elements.  The lock protector keeps your lock dry and your well accessible, even in the harshest of conditions. 


As you can see, we designed & created this product with both drillers, environmental engineers and consultants in mind. Your consultants are your customers at the end of the day – KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY. Make their lives easier onsite and they’ll keep choosing your drilling company over your competitors. 


4. Custom Logo & Branding 

Maybe the Alucast Monument Casings biggest advantage over other casings – free branding. When your team works hard and drills a quality well, you should be proud to leave your brand onsite.

It’s also free marketing to the consulting firms who are sampling your wells. Next time they need well supplies, your company can be the first business name that pops into mind. 

Want to see what your company logo would look like on our aluminum monument casing? Let us know and we’ll make you a product rendering for free.

When Alucast started – we were only making our Aluminum Manhole Covers. However, we started producing our Stick Up Casings and they have been flying off the shelves.

At the end of the day – the value and benefits of the Alucast casings are enough to go with over a traditional steel casing. Throw in the fact that Alucast casings are equal too if  not less expensive? A better product at a better price. 

You keep your drillers happy and your consultants happy, and you win in the long run.

Want more information about the monument Casing? Download the product catalog in the footer of our site. 

Want a rendering? We’ll make you one for free – no strings attached. 


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