Alucast Manhole Cover vs Industry Standard Cover

Alucast Manhole Cover vs Industry Manhole Cover

What is the difference between an Alucast manhole cover and a comparable manhole cover in the geotechnical drilling Industry?

There are quite a few actually.

It’s a pretty simple product – it’s job is to protect your drill site, leaving your mark on every hole you drill.  However, when you have both products right in front of you, there are some pretty significant differences that become apparent.

Let’s walk through what makes an Alucast Manhole cover different from a competitive product, and the main thing you see in the industry right now. 


Full Pipe Skirt vs Sheet Metal

The Alucast manhole cover is 100% aluminum – compared to flimsy, rusty sheet metal. Sheet metal is seen all over the industry, but quite frankly, it doesn’t do the job. After drillers or site engineers return to a site a year later, the sheet metal is broken and rusty. 

Want proof that the thickness matters? 

Check out this video of us taking a sledgehammer to both covers.


Cap Welded All Around vs Tack Welds on Sheet Metal 

The full tack welds ensure no surface contamination will enter below the cover. This is a very large problem in the drilling industry, and one that is 100% preventable.

The Alucast cover full tack weld ensures that no surface contamination occurs. 


Alucast Manhole Cover is 20% Thicker

The strength gained is significant all while keeping it lightest in its class. A thicker cover that won’t bend, break or rust. 


Dummy Notches vs O on Industry Standard

Dummy notches are  both a drillers and a site engineers dream. As you can see above, Alucast covers feature dummy notches, which allow for easy cover extraction, bolt alignment and cover placement.

When it’s -20 outside, you don’t want to have to spend any additional time outside fumbling around, trying to get your cover in place.

Dummy notches make it so easy, a cave man could do it. 


Weight distribution

Designed to absorb and distribute the load bearing evenly across the face of the cover.


Weight Difference

Alucast 8” Manhole Cover: 9.13 lbs

Competitor 8” Manhole Cover: 11.1 lbs

Because Alucast covers are made out of 100% aluminum, they are both higher quality and lighter than competitor manhole covers. (including the full pipe skirt)

Did we mention that Alucast covers don’t rust either?


Gasket vs O Ring 

The Alucast gasket system offers a wider range of seal through high and low temperatures. This gasket provides additional protection from surface water contamination.


Washers & Larger Bolts 

Alucast offers a sealing washer with rubber insert. The seal created with with the rubber ensures no surface contamination will penetrate the well. Our covers also feature larger bolts, which goes a long way for returning drillers or site engineers trying to get a cover off in -20 degree windy weather. 


For more information about our Manhole Covers, see below to download our product catalog.

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