7 Things Drillers Hate to See On Site Part 2

Get in loser, we got MORE Shit Drillers Hate to See on Site.

“Are you digging for gold?”

Crazy how it seems like every civilian you encounter while drilling is a comedian!

Once again we are taking a break from our regular well protection and technical drilling content to reach out to some drillers about some of the annoying and frustrating things they see on the job site everyday.

If you missed Part 1 back in November, you can check it out here.


People Watching You Drill

Why is it that drill rigs just seem to attract everyone out of the woodwork?

Sure, drill rigs can be loud. It’s understandable that a big, noisy machine might attract a bit of attention. 

But we we’re on site last week, and had people just standing around watching the drillers for the entire day. Neighbours, dog-walkers, delivery drivers, the list goes on. 

  • “Are you drilling for gold?”
  • “Are you drilling for oil?”
  • “Is my landlord building a new building here?”

Did everyone suddenly read a wikihow guide on how to people watch or something? (is this seriously an article? Who wrote this?)


Locked Gates Nobody has the Keys For

Okay sure sounds good, we’ll just start keeping  bolt cutters in the truck. 



This one made part 1, but so many people listed this as their most hated thing to see on site, so we figured we’d add it in here.

Your client says you’re good to go and won’t have any problems, and your crew gets to the site and its this:


811 Asking if There is any More Locations to Drill When You’re On the Last Hole

They have two jobs to do, make sure the site is safe to drill and have the locates done before the mast goes up. 

Nothing grinds a driller’s gear more than having to wait for locates or seeing them show up late onsite.


Tech Problems

When the tech insists to work fast, watches the driller and helper bust their nuts while they can’t put the spoon together.


An All Around Nightmare

Pristine site, no where to dump cuttings and the client wants to grout 150 foot clay holes. No bathrooms and eyes on you from every direction.


Another Drill Company on Site

When you show up to a job site and see another company already there and set up….

…but then you  become friends….


A huge shoutout to our friends at the Geotechnical Drillers Facebook Group. It’s a great community of drillers, and if you’re a geotechnical driller we couldn’t recommend it enough.  If you’re a driller and you haven’t joined, check it out.

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