So you’re a distributor in the geotechnical drilling industry…

It’s a fairly niche industry – most big distributors know the others. Unless you’re in the American market – you probably can count your direct competitors on one hand.

How do you stand out above your competitors? Pay more in advertising? Provide better customer service? Have a more diverse product line?

While all these matter, at the end of the day, drillers are going to go with how can get the highest quality products that they can trust and depend on. Cost is always a factor but at the end of the day, in this industry you get what you pay for.

Introducing Alucast.


A truly new product that actually solves problems for drillers instead of creating them. 

So why should you add Alucast into your product mix as a distributor? 


Sell a Product Your Competitors Don’t Offer 

Let’s set the record straight – Alucast isn’t EMCO.  Our aluminum well protection products are newer, lighter, and frankly don’t compare. For this reason, not a lot of distributors are yet carrying Alucast products.

Call them the new kids on the block. 

That’s changing quick however, as the demand for our manhole covers and aluminum casing has been growing rapidly. So if you can beat your competitor and start carrying Alucast products – you gain yet another advantage over them.

We currently have a distributor network in Canada, United States, Britain, France, Australia, and now Mexico as well. 



Driller’s Want It 

Drillers all over the world are starting to realize the superior quality of Alucast products. Our products are made by drillers for drillers, with the main focus being to make the jobs of drillers easier.




We know what it’s like carrying 4 steel casings out to a job site in the bush because as former drillers, we’ve been there. We’ve seen our fellow employees almost chop their fingers off when trying to install a stick up.

We’ve also seen drillers trying to unscrew covers in the middle of winter with rusty bolts.

That’s why we engineered Alucast products with the driller in mind – and if we can help make the lives of drillers just a bit easier – that’s what we want. Drillers are hard working people as it is, they don’t need their jobs to be any more stressful or difficult than they need to be. 


Add a NEW product into your mix 

Like we said earlier – Alucast products are new. Drillers have had the same old rusty, steel products around since they were helpers. And while there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s human nature to want new and exciting technology.

Is well protection that exciting?

To be fair – not really. But at the same time, it’s also a lot easier for drillers to use, and anything that makes their life easier is worth changing up your routine for.  


Receive Sales & Marketing Graphics and Support 

On top of Alucast creating superior products – the advantage doesn’t stop there. Our marketing department is always creating new product guides, graphics, and more to support your sales team.

Is your instagram game lacking, or you’re running out of content to post? We’ll send you some graphics with your logo and brand colours on it. 

Need a detailed brochure for drillers who want more info on the product before selling it? Not a problem either – the service doesn’t stop after the sale.

At the end of the day – Alucast presents an opportunity for you to get a leg up on your competition by offering a product that they don’t. The demand is there and it’s only growing as more and more drillers get their hands on Alucast products.

Become an Alucast distributor and beat your competitors to market. 


Want a distributor catalog for more information? Send us an email at orders@alucastworld.com 


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